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    130130'''1.1 [=#p1.1] Purpose'''
    132 The purpose of this document is to specify and perceive the goals and capabilities of this system.
     132The purpose of this document is to specify and perceive the goals and capabilities of this system. It also states the various constraints which the system will be abide to. This document further leads to clear vision of the software requirements, specification and capabilities which are to be exposed to the development, testing team and end users of the software.
    134134'''1.2 [=#p1.2] Scope'''
    136 The system being described provides management of all activities among the hospital staff and the patients.
     136The system being described generally provides management of all activities among the hospital staff and the patients. The system will be used in any hospital, clinic, dispensary or Pathology laboratories in order to get information from the patients and then store that data for future usage.
     137The current system in use is a paper-based system. It is too slow and cannot provide updated lists of patients within a reasonable time frame. The intention of the system is to reduce over-time pay and increase the number of patients that can be treated accurately. Requirements statements in this document are both functional and non-functional.
    138139'''1.3 [=#p1.3] Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations'''
     141CFD – Context Flow Diagram
     142DFD – Data Flow Diagram
     143IDE – Integrated Development Environment
     144SQL – Structured Query Language
     145SRS – Software Requirement Specification.
     146GUI - Graphical User Interface
    140148Name: '''System administrator'''
    178186'''2.1 [=#p2.1] Business Opportunity'''
     187The feasibility of the project is analysed in this phase and business proposal is put forth with a very general plan for the project and some cost estimates. During system analysis the feasibility study of the proposed system is to be carried out. This is to ensure that the proposed system is not a burden to the company. For feasibility analysis, some understanding of the major requirements for the system are essential.
    180189'''2.2 [=#p2.2] Problem Statement'''
    182 ||'''Проблемот на''' ||Немање термин за консултации и недостапност на професорите, асистентите и демонстраторите за студентите ||
    183 ||'''Засега''' ||Студенти на Финки ||
    184 ||'''Што доведува до''' ||Незадоволство кај студентите, недоразбирање помеѓу студентите и професорите ||
    185 ||'''Успешно решение би''' ||Да се креира систем кој ќе овозможи 24 часовна комуникација во “реално време“ помеѓу студентите и предавачите, притоа без да се врши оптеретување на корисниците со несоодветни пораки ||
     190* Not having computerized all details regarding the patients and the hospital;
     191* Not having good overview what time is convenient for both the patient and the doctor;
     192* Not having scheduled all the services of specialized doctors and emergencies provided by hospital are fully utilized in effective and efficient manner.
     193* If the medical store issues medicines to patients, the stock status of the medical store and vice-versa should be reduced.
     194* It should be able to handle the test reports of patients conducted in the pathology lab of the hospital.
     195* There is not updated inventory, it needs to be updated automatically whenever a transaction is made.
     196* A system where all the records for the patients doesn't exist, these should be kept up to date and kept in a system for historical purposes.
    187199'''2.3 [=#p2.3] Product Position Statement'''
    189 ||'''За''' ||Тековните студенти и предавачи на Финки ||
    190 ||'''Кои''' ||Побаруваат едноставен начин за комуникација за било кое време [[br]]
    191 Системот за on-line консултации ||
    192 ||'''Кој''' ||Овозможува комуницирање помеѓу предавачите и студентите во било кое верме без разлика на тоа каде се наоѓаат тие ||
    193 ||'''За разлика од''' ||Чекањето со часови пред кабинетите и правењето гужви во ходниците ||
    194 ||'''Нашиот продукт''' ||Е достапен 24/7 и не бара дополнителни трошоци ||
     201||'''For''' ||The current employees and the management of the institution using the system||
     202||'''Employees''' ||Need an easy access to the free time available for further appointments and review of patient's record||
     203||'''Patients''' ||Can view their own appointments and diagnosis||
     204||'''Different than''' ||Paper-based system||
     205||'''This product''' ||is available online and does not require additional expenses||
    196207'''3. [=#p3] Stakeholder and User Descriptions'''
    350361'''4.1 [=#p4.1] Product Perspective'''
    352 Овој систем ќе се интегрира како дел од веќе постоечкиот систем за елетронско следење на наставата на ФИНКИ. Ова ги опфаќа системите iknow за електронско запишување на предмети и ecourses за електронско следење на предметите. Неопходно е системите да бидат поврзани. Студентите кои ќе можат да го користат новиот систем се истите кои имаат запишан тековен семестар, студентите кои ќе можат да присуствуваат на консултации се само оние кои го имаат запишано дадениот предмет во тековниот семестар. Сите овие ограничувања и дозволи за пристап можат да бидат поставени во интеракција со постоечките системи.
     363The application will be windows-based, self contained and independent software product. It is necessary all employees and the management of the institution which uses it to have access to it and credentials provided. Only the current employees have access to system as the type of user they are. For instance if a doctor stops working in a hospital, they lose the credentials for the system and can no longer access it.
     365The entire project mainly consists of 7 modules, which are
     3661. Admin module
     3672. User module (patient)
     3683. Doctor module
     3694. Nurse module
     3705. Pharmacist module
     3716. Laboratorist module
     3727. Accountant module
    354374'''4.2 [=#p4.2] Summary of Capabilities'''