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Maps, geolocation api, dialogs & more

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[8e74e2f]4<mat-tab-group dynamicHeight mat-stretch-tabs>
[e42f61a]5 <mat-tab class="tab" label="Здравствени установи">
[ef1219a]6 <div class="wrapper">
7 <div class="header">
[28d7d35]8 <h2>Здравствени установи
9 <button mat-icon-button color="primary" (click)="refreshMap()" [disabled]="!showMap">
10 <mat-icon>refresh</mat-icon>Освежи
11 </button>
12 <button mat-icon-button color="accent" [disabled]="clicked" (click)="toggleMap(); clicked = true">
13 <mat-icon>map</mat-icon>Активирај
14 </button>
15 </h2>
16 <div class="map-wrapper" *ngIf="showMap">
17 <div class="map-frame">
18 <div id="map" style="height: 400px;" leaflet [leafletOptions]="options"></div>
19 </div>
20 </div>
[ef1219a]22 <mat-form-field>
[ee137aa]23 <input matInput (keyup)="applyFilterFacilities($" placeholder="Пронајди установа">
[ef1219a]24 </mat-form-field>
[c73269d]25 </div>
[ee137aa]26 <table class='table table-striped' aria-labelledby="tableLabel" *ngIf="true">
27 <thead>
28 <tr>
29 <th>Име</th>
30 <th>Општина</th>
31 <th>Тип</th>
32 </tr>
33 </thead>
34 <tbody>
[28d7d35]35 <tr *ngFor="let facility of filteredFacilities" (click)="openFacilityDialog(facility)" class="tableRow">
36 <td>{{ }}</td>
[ee137aa]37 <td>{{ facility.municipality }}</td>
38 <td>{{ facility.type }}</td>
39 </tr>
40 </tbody>
41 </table>
[ef1219a]42 </div>
43 </mat-tab>
[e42f61a]44 <mat-tab class="tab" label="Здравствени работници">
[ef1219a]45 <div class="wrapper">
46 <div class="header">
[ec6ac45]47 <h2>Здравствени работници</h2>
[ef1219a]48 <mat-form-field>
[de18858]49 <input matInput (keyup)="applyFilterWorkers($" placeholder="Пронајди работник">
[ef1219a]50 </mat-form-field>
51 </div>
[ee137aa]52 <table class='table table-striped' aria-labelledby="tableLabel" *ngIf="true">
53 <thead>
54 <tr>
55 <th>Име</th>
56 <th>Гранка</th>
57 </tr>
58 </thead>
59 <tbody>
[28d7d35]60 <tr *ngFor="let worker of filteredWorkers" (click)="openWorkerDialog(worker)" class="tableRow">
61 <td>{{ }}</td>
[ee137aa]62 <td>{{ worker.branch }}</td>
63 </tr>
64 </tbody>
65 </table>
[ec6ac45]66 </div>
[ef1219a]67 </mat-tab>
[58fa654]68 </mat-tab-group>
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