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1<h1>Hello, world!</h1>
2<p>Welcome to your new single-page application, built with:</p>
4 <li><a href=''>ASP.NET Core</a> and <a href=''>C#</a> for cross-platform server-side code</li>
5 <li><a href=''>Angular</a> and <a href=''>TypeScript</a> for client-side code</li>
6 <li><a href=''>Bootstrap</a> for layout and styling</li>
8<p>To help you get started, we've also set up:</p>
10 <li><strong>Client-side navigation</strong>. For example, click <em>Counter</em> then <em>Back</em> to return here.</li>
11 <li><strong>Angular CLI integration</strong>. In development mode, there's no need to run <code>ng serve</code>. It runs in the background automatically, so your client-side resources are dynamically built on demand and the page refreshes when you modify any file.</li>
12 <li><strong>Efficient production builds</strong>. In production mode, development-time features are disabled, and your <code>dotnet publish</code> configuration automatically invokes <code>ng build</code> to produce minified, ahead-of-time compiled JavaScript files.</li>
14<p>The <code>ClientApp</code> subdirectory is a standard Angular CLI application. If you open a command prompt in that directory, you can run any <code>ng</code> command (e.g., <code>ng test</code>), or use <code>npm</code> to install extra packages into it.</p>
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