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Use Case Scenario: Making appointment

1. Guidance

This use case is intended to explain the process of making an appointment for the patient.

2. Use Case Identification

2.1. Use Case ID: 2.0

2.2. Use Case Name: Making appointment

2.3. Use Case History

  • Created by: Sashko M.
  • Date created: 01.11.2017
  • Last updated by: Dajana S.
  • Date last updated: 02.11.2017

3. Use Case Definition

3.1. Actors

  • Doctor
  • Patient

3.2. Trigger

A patient sends a request for making an appointment.

3.3. Description

The patient initiates making an appointment by clicking a button Make an appointment which generates a new request for making an appointment. The system then searches for available time slots in which an appointment at the patient's GP can be made. The system throws out the first five available time slots that it has found. The patient can either cancel the request for making the appointment or choose one time slot out of the five offered by the system. After the patient chooses corresponding time slot, the doctor's list of appointments is automatically updated.

3.4. Preconditions

  1. The patient needs to be registered in the hospital in which the appointment is about to be made.
  2. The patient needs to have a GP assigned.

3.5. Post-conditions

  1. The patients have made appointments online through the system successfully.
  2. The doctors have an insight in these lists of appointments that each of their patients has made.
  3. The patients can check the history list of their own appointments too.

3.6. Normal Flow

  1. A patient logs in into the system.
  2. The patient goes to the module for making appointments.
  3. The patient asks for available time slots.
  4. The system throws out five available time slots.
  5. The patient chooses one of them.
  6. The appointment request is closed successfully by creating the appointment.
  7. The doctors in their own schedule can see a list of all appointments made by their own patients.

3.7. Alternative Flows

5.1. The patient doesn't accept any of the available time slots - Cancel the appointment request.
6.1. The request is closed and an appointment hasn't been made (the state of the patient's and doctor's appointments list remain the same as before the patient sent the request).

3.8. Exceptions

1.1.E.1. The patient hasn't made an appointment online, because they are emergency case. The system has reserved time slots for such cases and there should be available rooms and staff that can take care of these cases without patients making an appointment online on our system.

3.9. Includes

The use case number 1. Adding users could be included as prerequisite because all patients and employees in the system must be already registered in order this use case to be usable.

3.10. Priority


3.11. Frequency of Use

Estimation: 60 requests per hour.

3.12. Business Rules

All patients must make an appointment before they visit the doctor. Exception are emergency cases only.

3.13. Special Requirements

3.14. Assumptions

All patients will stick to their time slots that have been selected during the making an appointment process. If they are late or miss the appointment time slot reserved for them, they need to repeat the process from the beginning all over again, meaning to send a new request for making an appointment. Another option is if the hospital has reserved staff for that purpose, they could arrange patients who have missed the system's slot out of system's concern.

3.15. Notes and Issues

Issue 1: *task description*, assigned to: *name*, (a link to the task can be added here instead writing for each);

Issue 2: Add a Cancel the appointment option which will serve for cancelling an appointment that is already made. Available 24h before the time slot for the given appointment.

Note 1: Take care if two patients are about to choose one available time slot at the same time, not to allow choosing the same one at the same doctor (using lock/sync).

Note 2: Consider the fact that people could make an appointments randomly, discuss a way how to regulate the patients' seriousness.

4. Use Case List


  • Make an appointment
  • Choose a time slot


  • View scheduled appointments for their own patients
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