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1using FarmatikoData.DTOs;
2using FarmatikoData.Models;
3using System;
4using System.Collections.Generic;
5using System.Linq;
6using System.Text;
7using System.Threading.Tasks;
9namespace FarmatikoServices.FarmatikoServiceInterfaces
11 public interface IPHService
12 {
13 Task<IEnumerable<PharmacyHead>> GetPharmacyHeadInfo();
14 Task UpdatePharmacyHead(PharmacyHeadDto pharmacyHead);
15 Task<int> Login(PharmacyHead pharmacyHead);
16 Task<bool> ClaimPharmacy(RequestPharmacyHead pharmacy);
17 Task<PharmacyHead> GetPharmacyHeadByIdAsync(int id);
18 Task<bool> Add(PharmacyHeadDto pharmacyHead);
19 Task<bool> Remove(int id);
20 Task<bool> RemoveClaimingRequest(int id);
21 PharmacyHeadDto GetPharmacyHead(string userName);
22 }
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