MARnet Campus Best Practice Workshop 2016

"Campus Best Practice (CBP), part of the GÉANT project funded by the European Union, aims to address key challenges for European campus networks. The CBP Team does this by organising working groups and providing an evolving and to-the-point set of best practice documents (BPDs) for the community. Dissemination of results on a European-wide level is a key objective. The working method involves each NREN organising a number of working groups that deal with campus issues in different technical areas. Participants from universities are invited to take part in the working groups, which work to propose recommendations in best-practice documents. The working groups are led by the NREN and technical experts from universities within the country participate in the groups. Current challenges and experiences are shared and common best practices are discussed, iterated and finally agreed upon. " (For more information see:

The MARnet Campus Best Practice Task Group is organizing a dissemination workshop, focused on the delivery of the final results of their involvement in the GEANT GN4 Phase 1 Project CBP Task. The workshop will include presentations of the GN4 Phase 1 Project itself, discussion of current results of the CBP task process and produced documents by the MK task group. A discussion is planned of possible future work and involvement in the GN4 Special Interest Group SCOPE as a continuation of the activities within CBP.

We invite members of NOC and Campus IT Management from all universities in Macedonia, to consider taking part in this workshop. The number of seats at the event is limited, so priority will be given to have at least one representative from each attending institution.

Workshop Location

The workshop took place in the conference room of MARnet in Skopje (map).


The workshop was held on 26.5.2016 (Thursday) starting from 10:00.

  • Workshop Welcome from MARnet
  • MARnet involvement in the GN3+ and GN4 Phase 1 Campus Best Practice task (Vangel Ajanovski - FCSE) - PDF
  • Presentations of CBP documents from MARnet team prepared within GN4 Phase 1
    • Cloud implementation using OpenNebula (Boro Jakimovski - FCSE) - PDF
    • Monitoring activities at campus computer labs (Vangel Ajanovski - FCSE) - PDF
    • Profile and role-based firewall control for campus classrooms labs (Vangel Ajanovski - FCSE) - PDF
    • Automated workstation deployment (Vladislav Bidikov - FCSE) - PDF
  • Discussion:
    • Future cooperation within the framework of the SCOPE special interest group - PDF
    • Round the table introduction of all participants and involvement in university campuses
    • Extending the current CBP documents with practices from other campuses
    • Possible further topics of best practice documents of general interest
    • Areas of future collaboration among campuses in Macedonia regarding CBP

Workshop registration and information

Registration is free.

However, the number of seats is limited, so please send us the names of all representatives from your institution that are interested to attend, ordered by the priority. In case there is not enough room for all interested registrants, we will use the priority list and try our best to invite at least one representative from each university and as many additional participants as possible.

For registration, additional workshop information and other details send email to: vangel.ajanovski @ ( Official Faculty Web site)

Deadline for registration: 20.5.2016

Acceptance confirmation: 23.5.2016

Workshop Participants

List of Participants

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